Monday, July 21, 2008

Color me green :)

Smokies 1

When I am gone for this long, you know it's not the lack of interest that's holding me away....... and I am not gonna start whining here. Instead, I'd love to share some images from our weekend at Smokies....If I have to sum up the whole experience at the national park in one word, it has to be, with no second thoughts, "green" :)

Smokies 2
I loved, loved, loved that "smoky" haze that surrounded the mountains almost all the time we were there and sunlight filtering through leaves added its own effect :)

Smokies 3

Friday, July 04, 2008

Up in smoke :D

Smokies, Tennessee

Nothing quite says summer to me like a vacation in mountains........and it's been so ever since we (my brother and I) were kids. To this day any passing vignette of countryside framed by the car window awakens in me the same childlike flutter of excitement as Roald Dahl would have felt when he wrote "Summer holidays!The magic words" :) So here we are amidst Smokies, away from the daily grind, on a long weekend of absolute mountain-air bliss and I am lovin' it!!!!! :)