Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Lowcountry vacation

Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, GA - 2

The last time we were in Savannah , it was during a washed-out Labor-day weekend. That was two years ago! This time around, it was pure sunshine that greeted us. I loved every minute of walking up and down the numerous squares of the town, this time. I had no idea how much I had missed those Oak trees with their Spanish moss till I saw them swaying again! Funny, how we haven't been to Florida since we graduated and left the place for good in 2007. We are glad though that we could introduce our parents to the charms and history of the Southern US, before they left for India. Scenes from Wormsloe Plantation and Bonaventure Cemetery

Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, GA- 1

Bonaventure cemetery, Savannah, GA

Thursday, January 07, 2010

DC chalo! ;D

Crossing Maryland in fog......
There's always so much to look forward to at the year-end. We got married on Christmas day 3 years ago, so while a lot of people are celebrating a lot of things, we celebrate our togetherness. And if we are not headed home, there's always a possibility of a road-trip, though much of that depends on weather conditions. 2009 year-end was extra special 'coz we had family from India joining us on our trip to South-east US. As we made our way to Georgia, Washington DC was our first pit-stop. A very wet DC.
Washington DC 2 Washington DC1

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Auld Lang Syne......

Warmest wishes to all of us for a new year filled with hope, happiness, love, and peace :)

"Hope"- 2010

Happy Holidays! :)

Happy season greetings! :)