Sunday, May 31, 2009

A sun-soaked weekend

Viewing Lake Michigan from Grand Haven Pier

I know, Memorial day weekend is long past now but I could not find time earlier to share these images from our weekend getaway in Michigan. While I am still craving for a trip to the mountains, I had a great time scouting lighthouses on the western shoreline of the mitten and hope to share some of the images here soon. The only bummer: my burnt skin which is still healing from all that exposure to sun :((

Canoe basking in the sun at a Holland beach

Memorial Day 2

Memorial Day 1

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

June is calling!

Smoky blue

No, these aren't the mountains in my backyard, though they may very well be but these were taken on our trip to Smoky Mountains last year. Is it time yet to start yearning for a summer vacation 'coz I am already itching to be on the road. Every June I start getting antsy about a summer trip..........Anyways, till such a time that we can afford to accommodate one in our schedules, I will revisit my old pics! And for now, I am happy looking forward to spending the next 3 days in Michigan :)

Summer trip to Smokies

Smoky blues and greens


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Romance me!

The Pink has arrived!

There's a pink glow around me right now! I know it's a full-blown Spring when Nature dons pink the way it has......from the soft, demure hues of dogwood and cherry blossoms to the bolder, richer ones of tulips......There are so many tones of pink around that even Paris Hilton's wardrobe can't match it ;D and I am in such a pink heaven that even Pepto-Bismol pink will not be un-welcome :D These cascading dogwood blooms are for a special friend of mine who lives across the state-line and whose labor of love, her garden, is my virtual haven.

Romance me!

Dogwood pink!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Nest"led! :)


I have two (recently-acquired) hanging baskets in the name of a "garden" on my second floor apartment deck. Though I have no green thumb, I water my plants religiously and wouldn't mind singing to them for the joy those tiny little colorful flowers bring. But last evening, once back from work, as I got one of those two baskets down to "deadhead" the flowers (as the gardener-lady had instructed me to), my eyes would not believe what they saw. I had to repeat "Be still my heart" countless times to myself to contain my excitement. Unbeknownst to me, this little birdie who had been chirping around the flowers lately, had decided to make its home and babies right there in the basket. I can't thank her enough to choose my deck and am keeping my fingers crossed that this little family will enjoy their new (even if temporary) abode. As I exclaimed to my husband later at night, "It's like we have a little ecosystem in our own house" :)

Put all your eggs in one nest :)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Soft and pastel........

Dreamy and atmospheric.......

........dreamy and atmospheric: the beautiful is everywhere. Shots from my latest walkabout in our neighborhood.

Soft and subtle......

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Yes, you May!!!!! :)

Rain-y view

I love months which begin with weekends. Who can not live with an extra weekend to look forward to!!! :) And if it begins with the month "shaking out her rain-drenched hair"............I am positively beaming like I was last morning as I left for work.

This morning was spent volunteering at a local community-breakfast event. It was my first in this new town of mine and everyone went out of their way to make me feel welcome. One little girl was happy being friends with me for the simple reason that I came from Obama's state. I had no idea that 5-year olds know their politics so well :)

Breakfast 3

Breakfast 1

Meet my latest new friend :)

Breakfast 2