Sunday, March 29, 2009

The view from my new home

The view from my new home :)

I know I haven't been the most-regular blogger lately but I intend to change that soon. Meanwhile, here's a quick-shot of the view that I wake up to every morning. I love those hills/mountains (pick your choice/choose your pick :D) when they are in the view as on this beautiful sun-lit Spring afternoon and I love them as they hide somewhere in the clouds on a foggy, whisper-gray mornings like the one we had today :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Into the blue

Blue 1

The weather lately has matched my mood :) Though the chillness in the air persists, and we haven't really "Marched" into spring yet, days are beginning to get longer and the light has been cheerful. Anyone who has been following this blog for some time ..and oh, by the way, the blog is three years old now....what started as an attempt to find beauty in my immediate surroundings from behind the lens is now my way of connecting with like-minded virtual strangers who soon end up becoming friends :) and through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, this blog has been a source of joy.........but I drift. What I was going to say before I got carried away, that anyone who has known me for a little while will know my penchant for all things while going about my life, when I chance upon a blue as special as the one in the top shot, it is nothing short of serendipity for moi :)

Regarding the move, I quit my job last week. My first-ever affair with corporate America lasted precisely a year.....For now, I have decided to find my niche in the non-profit world and will be moving to Central Pennsylvania at the end of this week to start work in a hospital there. A part of me is stoked about the move, while the other is anxious about some changes that are tied to this decision of ours........We intend to tackle these challenges one at a time and I am going by the faith that our challenges won't outlive our determination.......:)

Blue 2