Saturday, June 20, 2009

Daddy's little girl! :)

Daddy's little girl :)

....I still am one and will always be, no matter how old I grow, how far I go. Love you, papa.

Remember my little friend from the breakfast event that I was a part of not long ago....I am meeting her tomorrow and intend to surprise her with a print of this collage I created for her for the Father's day. Do you think she will like it? I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Update: I gave the collage and earned a hug from the dad (with a joke, "You managed to get my best side" ;D) and a shy "Thank you" from her. Here's the smile she gave me (as you can see, she loves her "treats".....if it's not a muffin, it's a do'nut or a candy). And just one last thing before you do away with me for sounding like a gushing "Julie-Andrews-on-Ecstasy".....don't you just love her dark curls :)))

The girl with a sweet tooth :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



As sunny evenings and longer days lure me outdoors, I slather a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 70 (nothing lesser works) on my skin and cock-a-snook at Mr Sun by facing the camera lens straight into his direction……….More often than not, I am pleased with the resulting haze:) These pics remind me of my childhood summer holidays…....when we (my brother and I) would linger outside in the dusk, long after the little sparrows had disappeared into the thicket........Oh and that reminds me, I am what you can call an “empty-nester” now.......The finch family on my deck..remember the eggs I chanced upon??? Well, little by little they all learned to fly and left :(((

Cherry orchards in MI Cherry orchards in Michigan.

A Summer evening in Mears, Michigan An evening in Michigan

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, Summer!

A man's best friend

Scenes from our trip to Lake Superior shore in Wisconsin (the town of Bayfield), last summer. The gallery "Stone's Throw" with all its cracks and crevices is a very pretty building and the owner's gentle lab (Sweet Georgia Brown) was an added attraction. It may have housed some interesting (read unaffordable) "pieces of art" but I really did not need to step inside..for me the most appealing bits were on the outside. And as if the gallery wasn't charming enough, a used-books shop stood adjacent to it and an "egg-itarian" cafe (where most of the menu was egg-based) called "The Egg Toss" stood right opposite to it :)


Stone's Throw, Bayview, WI

Stone'sThrow building, WI

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Standing Tall

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

I had been meaning to share the images of this brick-walled light earlier but then I got distracted by the daisies :)

Little Sable Point lighthouse in Mears, MI was closed by the time we reached so we missed out on the view from the tower but the glimmering Lake Michigan had us enchanted for the better half of the evening we spent at the beach.......the sun lingered deliciously over the lake for a long time and eventually dissolved into it.....As we reached the end of our time on the lake, we dipped our toes in the now-cold water for one last time and reluctantly left for dinner.

Lake Michigan from the foot of the light

Hike to the light

Mears, MI

PS: Those are the famous dunes in the background in the final image.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Unfettered beauty

Daisies are here! :)

It’s that time of the year again. Daisies are nodding and the hills "in my backyard" are alive with wildflowers :) I came back home from work to spot these smiling pretty things on the little hill next to where I park my car and though I had planned to showcase the lighthouses I collected on my trip to Michigan, I decided that the lights could wait. We have had a few sodden days (which I totally love) lately, and then sun shone briefly last evening and look at the magic it created!!!!My biggest joy in summer comes from wildflowers……....other staples of summer: dainty, breezy sundresses, long twilights, butterflies, ice creams, watermelons, buzzing farmer markets, and ripe, juicy mangoes (from the times when I was a child growing up in India) follow the lead. That reminds me, when I was orienting for my new job at the hospital about 3 months back (!!!!! time sure flies!!!!!), some of us new employees joined the “charity” club associated with the hospital to give up a certain percentage of our salary that would help (in ways other than just hospital-related) the club to reach out to the community we serve. As a “thank-you” gift, guess what the club gave us each in return (apart from some sponsored items): a packet of wildflower seeds. The idea being: if you want to be reassured what a beautiful world we inhabit: sow the seeds, water them and then when time is right just stand back and watch as nature delivers its inspired performance. Isn’t that lovely! :)

Petal Power ;D

Cheery core