Monday, February 27, 2006


I love the way a hint of sunlight touches the bare branches in the pic as it was taken during late afternoon after I was done with classes for the day! And yes I love the way bare trees almost look like sculptures and their dramatic silhouettes against the sky!


zibee said...

Awesome pic...!! May be u can expalin a bit more on this pic..:) Cheers!

Moi said...

thanks zibee!

explain????? umm.........i spotted the tree while taking a walk in my campus and saw the sunlight gently grazing the bare branches, and was hoipng it wud show as beautifully in the pic too: well, it did to an extent! * Cheshire grin* :D

zibee said...

Moi, Thats neat!! What I meant was not for you to explain why and where the pic was taken but to use your imagination to describe the pic better than it looks. !

Moi said...

:) somebody's out there judgin' me on my way of describing my pics?
Let my camera speak to u :) :)

zibee said...

Nay nay.... Well, that was meant to be a suggestion for you to make the pic more ineteresting and meaningful. Goes without saying, it's your blog, your space. You gotta use it the way you like it...I would be a fool to judge you from a pic of a tree :-)

Vivek Kondur said...

Hey Swati!

Thanks! for dropping by the blog & your comments. I love capturing bare trees too; U could have captured the whole tree & wld have looked better.