Saturday, May 06, 2006


The exquisite beauty of lace curtains in this Mediterranean restaurant (which was otherwise a very regular set-up except for the awesome food, ofcourse) caught my eye. Lace has this timeless elegance abt it , right???? PS: Click on the restaurant pic to get the better view of the restaurant and its lace curtains: they make a pretty pic :)


Jas Bhambra said...

It sure does!
It reminds me of my parent's bedroom in India that has lace curtains.

How are the exams and all?

Moi said...

exams r done with jas and am i glad!!!!! :)

~enfield~ said...

Beautiful pictures ! Creative as always !
Have you checked out Flickr, by the way?

jshishir1 said... the name suggest...and u r over with ur exams..gud for u...u tc and hey u always seems to be going to these grt restaurant first the chinese one now this..u have to be a food buff for that

Jen said...

Love the picture of the lace - beautiful!

akhilesh said...

Damn, you're just too good at capturing contrasts!!!

I wasn't mistaken :)

Moi said...

enfield: thanks a ton! i have fleetingly looked at flickr!!! but those guys do an awesome job of it!!! so never thought of becoming a member!!!

shishir: i love food!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

jen : thanks : the curtains were really pretty!

akhil: haha! nth comes as a surprise to u , does it?????? :) :)