Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello, Yellow :)

Spring ahead!

"Now the golden Morn aloft
Waves her dew-bespangled wing,
With vermeil cheek, and whisper soft
She woos the tardy Spring:
Till April starts, and calls around
The sleeping fragrance from the ground;
And lightly o'er the living scene
Scatters his freshest, tenderest green."
-------Thomas Gray

Daffadowndilly has come to town.....

"Daffadowndilly has come to town
In a yellow petticoat and a green gown."


tommie said...

those are gorgeous...despite being spring, they feel a wee bit like me

tommie said...

oh yeah....hope you are settling in well. Spring is such a good time to move. It is fun to see the area awakening from a long winter

Sarad said...

wow! evolution.

photowannabe said...

Hello to you too Moi. Love the bright yellow of Spring. I just had to toss my daffodil bouquet away. It was getting too brown and smelly. I hated to do it. They are one of my favorites.
Hope you are finally getting settled in your new place. A new season and a new start.

Jen said...

I LOVE the first shot!

suramya said...

oh wow, thats a vibrant shade of yellow moi, just the picture I wanted for my graphics project. I am stealing it :)

Ash said...

Delightful yellow!

Hope you're doing good.

Ruth said...

Moi, maybe they are even here, but that first image is anything but ordinary. Fantastic.

Ruth said...

Oh, and soooo nice to see you back. I've wondered about you.

Shalom said...

God, these are exquisite!!! I just love that first shot!!!

Kerri said...

You have such a unique sense of perspective. It's a gift! Lucky you :)
Aren't the daffodils just the prettiest things? I wish they lasted for months!
These photos are so beautifully yellow...and thank you too for the poems. Perfect!