Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Red-hot Mirage ;D

Mirage on Hwy 12 (Utah)

I am here in America's outback (read Utah) for the next few days and couldn't believe my luck when I captured this mirage on Hwy 12! Sometimes camera does see what the human eye can...... :)


Ginnie said...

How cool is that!

Kokonad said...

Love the bright bright red 18-wheeler :) Love the mirage-reflection even more!
Btw I am so envious of your being in Utah. I will go there too. Soon. :) After I move to Portland, OR.

Moi said...

My husband is a Mech engr..and an auto-nerd! We have a miniature of this red 18 wheeler adorning our bookshelf :)

yogsma said...

Amazing pictures of Utah, I am heading there next month , so will definitely look for such a scenery.