Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh, Summer!

A man's best friend

Scenes from our trip to Lake Superior shore in Wisconsin (the town of Bayfield), last summer. The gallery "Stone's Throw" with all its cracks and crevices is a very pretty building and the owner's gentle lab (Sweet Georgia Brown) was an added attraction. It may have housed some interesting (read unaffordable) "pieces of art" but I really did not need to step inside..for me the most appealing bits were on the outside. And as if the gallery wasn't charming enough, a used-books shop stood adjacent to it and an "egg-itarian" cafe (where most of the menu was egg-based) called "The Egg Toss" stood right opposite to it :)


Stone's Throw, Bayview, WI

Stone'sThrow building, WI


Cindy said...

Sounds like a nice place to visit. I love all the colors. Very bright and vibrant and the flowers are gorgeous. I of course love the lab.
Great photos.

Nikon said...

Really stunning colors, Moi! Beautiful spot!
Thanks for the visit to Hem's & that is one of my favorite photos of him! Thanks again.

Faye Pekas said...

Gorgeous and colorful. The dog would have been an attraction for me too.

I'm glad your heart sang when you saw the sunset at my place. That made me smile :)

The last adam said...

Hello Ma'am! Glad to hear from you! You remembered that someone called Adam exists! :)
Nice colors, as always!

Know what? I graduated! I did it in an year! Woohoo!

Sarad said...

did you kneel to take #2? :)classy pic. like #1 but not particularly the brick's texture or length in #3&4.

TBC said...

Lovely pics, Moi! Everything looks so bright and beautiful.:)
The last pic is my fav.

photowannabe said...

I think I would go totally bonkers over this place. My camera would be steaming from so many pictures. Great shots. You really captured the essence of the town.

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

And I thought in the USA, all buildings where either white or brown.
Awesome. I like the little roof over the door. That third picture is nothing short of stunning!

Been away from blogs for a bit. Looks like I am doing this too often.
Anyway, I got new gear. From the "other" company :0)

Lori said...

Your photos are always filled with such vibrant colors. I think I would love to visit this town! What a charming place.

Shalom said...

I love those flowers.....they brighten up any doorway!

Kerri said...

The colors really pop out of these pics. So vibrant and beautiful! Love the pooch in the flowery doorway :)
The bench photo is wonderful! You are so good at perspective.
Is it as rainy there as it is here? Come on Mr. Sun! Where are you? Enough is enough! Gotta have a bit more summer :)