Sunday, June 07, 2009

Standing Tall

Little Sable Point Lighthouse

I had been meaning to share the images of this brick-walled light earlier but then I got distracted by the daisies :)

Little Sable Point lighthouse in Mears, MI was closed by the time we reached so we missed out on the view from the tower but the glimmering Lake Michigan had us enchanted for the better half of the evening we spent at the beach.......the sun lingered deliciously over the lake for a long time and eventually dissolved into it.....As we reached the end of our time on the lake, we dipped our toes in the now-cold water for one last time and reluctantly left for dinner.

Lake Michigan from the foot of the light

Hike to the light

Mears, MI

PS: Those are the famous dunes in the background in the final image.


Kerri said...

Oh so beautiful!

photowannabe said...

So beautiful Moi. I have never been to MI and what you show makes me want to go.

Cindy said...

Beautiful shot. I love the colors in it. Very nice.

Sarad said...

such Grandeur.

Faye Pekas said...

Love the lighthouse standing behind the brush. Gorgoeus shot.

Ruth said...

Oh this is happy-making. There is NOTHING like the fine white Lake Michigan sand up north. I took a long drive alone around the mitten two years ago, and I loved it so much. The vegetation in your 3rd shot reminds me of that. I was surprised to see wild yarrow growing there. I don't know what that white flower is in your shot.

Ahh. I need to get around up there more this summer - although with an upcoming wedding at the farm, I don't know if it's likely. Maybe just after!

Anonymous said...

Hi Moi
Can I suggest you reduce the number of postings shown on each page. This would dramatically reduce the time it takes to load the site. For dial-up and slow broadband connections, the site takes so long to load, that it deters people visiting your excellent blog.