Friday, April 15, 2011

An evening @ the beach

Fairport Harbor Lighthouse, Ohio

@ Lake Erie shores

When I miss the mountains of PA, I take comfort in the fact that one of the great lakes (Erie) is next door.


Ginnie said...

One could defdinitely do worse, Moi!!!

Steve Buser said...

cool colors. sees a little chilly. I got my first dip in the pool here today.just to brush off the algae. Wasn't too bad.

666 said...

I know we all love giving our horizontal horizons a slight tilt to give the pic a different feel, however with your second pic you seem to have taken inspiration from your ancient blog name 'on a slant' :-)

I think the concept of two wooden logs by the lakes is in itself beautiful. Maybe let it stay!

Ilonely said...

where's Ark?
where's Noah?