Saturday, April 09, 2011

A wet morning

Good Morning! :)


Hilary said...

Pretty. I love photos taken through wet widows/windshields. Nicely done.

Kerri said...

Gorgeous! Wonderful colors and detail.

sandeep said...

the picture is beautiful!

i saw the description in flickr too. if the copyright was prompted by somebody stealing ur pic, the bordered copyright will not help. the shameless people who wud not mind copying the pics without permissions will not have any problems cropping out the copyright!

i also read that u dont like adding the copyright symbol because of whatever reasons and they are missing from subsequent posts. u cud consider adding a watermark. it will not be quite prominent in the pic, but it is still visible. i dont know what editing u do, but GIMP has a bump map tool which u can use for this. i wud actually suggest adding the watermark somewhere in the middle (which is a background area, but impossible to crop out) of the pic to make it useful. and pleezzz .... there is no vanity here :) ur pics are really good and people deserve to know who took it, even if its stolen!