Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Din't i say somewhere earlier on this blog that I love an imperfect world????? The very reason I shot these seemingly-ordinary bathroom lights! The owner never felt he should replace the fused bulbs and am I glad he din't! :) :)


Akhilesh said...

Lone bulb lit by the night... why does it remind me of something -

ज़ुल्मत कदे में मेरे शबे ग़म का जोर है
इक शम्मा है दलील-ए-सहर सो ख़ामोश है

There is beauty in every nook and corner of life... mostly we are just too busy too look for it, and the irony is most people are looking for beauty in long and far off places when its somewhere just close to them.

zibee said...

Rightly said Akhilesh, beauty is hidden in every bit of the life we lead. We appreciate it or get to see it only when we want to. Isn't that being mean to ourselves or the creator..???

by the way, a very relaxing pic..!! keep it going buddy!

Anonymous said...

relaxing...minus the dust on the lit bulb.


Moi said...

Ha ha Sarad! i know! :)

Jas Bhambra said...

Well said, Akhilesh and Zibee.

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder".

Great picture, Swati. It is the same story in my washroom as well. although it did't occur to me that it could be a very good subject for photography!

Again...quoting Zibee..."We appreciate it or get to see it only when we want to."