Saturday, April 29, 2006

Li'l Dog's Day!

Came back from school after a grueling day today to find that our neighbours have adopted this tiny li'l adorable thingie: Ken! Got me all smiling instantly! :)This 2 weeks old dear "bhaoo" (that's what we used to call a pup as kids) cud hardly stand on its not-yet-firm legs and smelled of sweet talcum that its owner brushed it with. The kid looked sad: must be missing his mother and siblings, i guess! I was so scared to hold it in my arms, lest i hurt it! It's my first close encounter with a pup that small and am absolutley in love with it already! :) I had to take the pics , so here r two of them! :)


Akhilesh said...

oh and you remind me of the first time I saw my sis when she was less than a day old *wink* You saw her later :)

I went and saw her... she was so cuddly and white and absolutely divine!!! I wanted to touch her but finally just managed to VERY CAREFULLY touch her cheek with the back of my finger... was too afraid I'd hurt her or make her dirty :D

Could muster courage to lift her in my arms much much later :P

Chalo, have fun with the pups... I have another fight day today with a top honcho :(

3ngin33r said...

aww reminds me of my dog's puppies! hehe adorable pup there :)

zibee said...

Cho chweet...!! Man damn cute...Just love them..

Moi said...