Friday, April 07, 2006

Shadows in the meadow.

I guess I am in love with shadows, and the interesting pattern they create. This one was taken one late afternoon, long back. I was looking at my collection today to post a pic here and it reminded me of another of Emily Dickinson's poems ( I am in total love with her works) , so here's the pic with the poem :) "Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn Indicative that suns goes down; The notice to the startled grass That darkness is about to pass." ------------------Emily Dickinson Posted by Picasa


zibee said...

Awesome pic !

Moi said...

hey, u r back :)
i dragged u back here!!!!! whats up: hardly gt to c ya anymore???

jshishir1 said...

impressive..and kind of haunting..if u try to look deep but a greeat pic...i do hope to follow ur blog to see more of these stunning pic...but till now not even a singlr pic of a